Congratulations to Dr Claire

Congratulations to Dr Claire Rolston for becoming an Accredited Cattle Pregnancy Tester in the AVA’s PregCheck Scheme.

Cattle producers make important financial decisions based on the pregnancy status of their cows. Culling pregnant cows is a very costly mistake, as is ‘drying off’ a non-pregnant cow. Cattle producers rely on skilled veterinarians to give them information on pregnancy status. It is often stated that the most valuable animal health dollars spent by a dairy farmer are for accurate pregnancy testing. The PregCheck Scheme promotes excellence in the cattle pregnancy testing skills of veterinarians through peer-based assessment, resulting in Accreditation.

After pregnancy testing tens of thousands of cattle, Claire recently subjected herself to examination by one of her peers. Passed with flying colours of course! This achievement is even more remarkable as she only graduated less than 2 years ago. Most veterinarians take years to get to this point. Claire’s Accredited status is a bonus for Tatura Vet Clinic, as clients will gain new confidence that Claire can provide valuable management information. Accreditation is also mandatory to certify the pregnancy status of export cattle. The team at Tatura value extra qualifications and new knowledge and techniques that staff bring and share with their colleagues.